Install Modules

In a multi-Company environment, the module files that enable a customization are only enabled in the Company from which the customization is first installed. The customization package is installed system wide and is easily enabled in other companies.

To enable a customization in other companies, you will need to install the customization modules:

  1. Connect to the Company the customization needs installing in.
  2. Open the Extender –> Setup –> Customization Manager screen.
  3. A grid displays all the customizations that have been built for you. Highlight the customization and click Install Modules.
  4. A message is displayed with the result.
  5. Close the Customization Manager window.

Done. Restart the Sage Desktop to allow Extender to register the changes in this company.

The Install Modules Button is disabled

The Install Modules button will be disabled if:

  • the customization is not yet installed, in which case its status will be Available;
  • the current Sage or Extender versions are not compatible with the customization, the compatibility field will indicate which versions are required.

If you’re having trouble installing modules for a customization, contact us.