Work with Customization Manager

Customization Manager is intended to be a simple and easy to use but it never hurts to have a few pointers when getting started.

The interface is composed of the Package Grid and a set of Action Buttons.

Customization manager screen.

Customization Manager screen with the Package Grid above the Action Buttons.

The Pakage Grid

The package grid always displays all the customizations that are associated with the configured API key, whether they are installed or not.

All customizations have a short Name that is used to uniquely identify them. In the figure above, the first customization is named expip and is Customization Manager.

The name is followed by a meaningful Description of what the customization does.

There are two versions in the grid: the Installed Version and the Available Version. The Installed Version is the version running in the current company; it is set to - for customizations that are not installed. The Available Version is the latest version available for install.

All customizations have a Status. The status can be any of:

  • Available: the customization is compatible and available for installation.
  • Up to Date: the customization is installed and at the latest version.
  • Upgrade Available: a newer version of the customization is available for download.

Finally, Customization Manager checks each customization for Compatibility with the current versions of Sage and Extender. If the Sage and Extender versions meet the minimum requirements, Yes is displayed. If they do not meet the minimum requirements, the compatiblity issue, either a Sage or Extender version, is displayed here.

The Action Buttons

The actions buttons are enabled and disabled based on the highlighted customization. There are two that never change:

  • Close: close Customization Manager without taking any further action.
  • View Log: open the log files from the two most recent actions and display them in the default text editor.

All the others change state based on whether the highlighted customization is installed, has an upgrade available, and is compatible.