Upgrade a Customization

Upgrading a customization with Customization Manager is easy:

  1. Open the Extender –> Setup –> Customization Manager screen.
  2. Highlight the customization row. The Status column will show Upgrade Available if a newer version can be installed.
  3. Click the Upgrade button.
  4. A message is displayed displaying the result.
  5. Close the Customization Manager window.

The customzation is now upgraded. Restart the Sage desktop to allow Extender to register new components.

The Upgrade Button is disabled

The Upgrade button will be disabled if:

  • the customization is not yet installed, in which case its status will be Available;
  • the current Sage or Extender versions are not compatible with the customization, the compatibility field will indicate which versions are required.

If you’re having trouble installing modules for a customization, contact us.