Uninstall Customization Manager

Customization Manager is distributed as an Extender module. Before removing the application, consider uninstalling all the customizations managed by it first.

Uninstall the Module

Uninstall the module from the Extender Modules screen.

  1. Open the Extender –> Setup –> Modules screen.
  2. Highlight the Customization Manager module.
  3. Press the Del (delete) key on your keyboard.

Customization Manager has been removed.

Remove the Icon from the Desktop

If the Customization Manager icon has not been removed from the desktop, you can remove it manually:

  1. Open the Extender –> Setup –> Script screen.
  2. Highlight the first script in the grid, right click, and select Add to Desktop.
  3. A window with the desktop tree is displayed. Expand Extender –> Setup.
  4. Highlight the Customization Manager icon. Push the Delete (Del) key on your keyboard to remove the icon.
  5. Do not use the Save or Cancel buttons in this step! Close the window using the close X in the title bar.


If you accidentally close the window using a button, fear not, no harm has been done. However, you’ll have to repeat the process from the beginning.

  1. When prompted, save your changes to the desktop layout.

Restart the Sage desktop to complete the removal of the icon.